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Playing House

by Common Holly

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steveinsocal "...There's a deceptive simplicity to the album's sparse arrangements and an ephemeral hue to her voice - all of which add a haunting atmospheric quality to her melancholic, deliciously dark contemporary indie-folk songs..." Favorite track: Playing House.
Dante Sudilovsky
Dante Sudilovsky thumbnail
Dante Sudilovsky A haunting journey through places and feelings. Common Holly brings you to a cabin by the lakeside, a desert, and, of course, internalized emotions.

"I am the lizard slinking through the valley of regret." Favorite track: The Desert.
Louis-Philippe Cusson
Louis-Philippe Cusson thumbnail
Louis-Philippe Cusson Une belle découverte. Une bouffée musicale fraîche et persistante. Un road trip de quiétude intérieure. Piste favorite : Lullaby
CodFish7899 thumbnail
CodFish7899 I have loved your music since 2013. you have one of the greatest voices I have ever heard
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released October 23, 2017

Born in New York and raised in Montreal, Common Holly (AKA Brigitte Naggar) puts unpredictable compositional elements into a singer-songwriter/folk framework, packaged in textured, eclectic electro-acoustic production. Playing House contemplates the notion that it is conscious thought and deliberate action that defines and cements maturation from child to adult.

All songs and lyrics written by Brigitte Naggar
All songs performed by Brigitte Naggar & Devon Bate
Produced by Brigitte Naggar & Devon Bate in Montreal
Mixed by Devon Bate in Montreal
Mastered by Jon Kaspy at McGill University

Additional Instrumentation:
Piano on 'Lullaby' played by Jean-Michel Blais
Drums on Track 1, 4 & 7 played by Kyle Hutchins
Guitar on 'If After All' played by Steven Whitely
Violin played by Amelia Castillo
Cello played by Laurence Gaudreau

Thank you forever to my Timbaland (Devon), to Mom, Dad, Julien, Nini and Andi, Grandma and Grandpa, to Eric and to my friends who inspire me always


all rights reserved



Common Holly Montreal, Québec

Music 4 u - Hope it's not too sad - Oh well


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Track Name: If After All
Let's take this one day at a time
No more assumptions
I have no reason
Let's take this one day at a time
No more oblivion
I have no reason
I won't remember

If after all we're doing fine,
I'm breathing every single time
I have no reason to be blind

No more demons
Never ever

If after all of it I haven't learned yet
I'll learn it
Till I forget

I will always forget
Any way you spin it
Track Name: Nothing
If I got you in a room
If I got you to hold still
It would probably be too soon
To hold you there against your will

But if I got you in that place
Maybe we'd see ourselves as humans
Because I've given you your space
And it has left me here in ruin

I won't open my mouth again
I won't open my mouth
I won't try to reach out again
I wont try to reach out

If I had another moment
To do what I want to do
I'd say I've got nothing to say
Because I'm done hurting you

And if I had another moment
Maybe we could see it through
I swear I won't try to reach out
Because I've already left you

And if I had another moment
To do what I want to do
I'd say I hope that for your sake
The world is done punishing you
Track Name: Devil's Doubt
One silver hair to give you wisdom
Two silver hairs reflect your sadness
I can't imagine you've been eating
But I can see that you've been sleeping
With a heart on your sleeve
And the devil's voice in your head

Stop all that sitting by the window
Don't you forget about the daylight
It's about time you left your bedroom
You picked a side 'cause you were split in two
And now you can leave out
The devil's voice from your head

You are young, tread lightly
Your footsteps are too heavy
In the daylight use your slippers
In the nighttime use your wings

Catch a glimpse of the ocean
When the bathtub overflows
Stroke the fingers of the minute
When the minute hand is slow

And quit carrying that burden
And quit trying to know the story
Give the angel's voice a turn
Give the angel's voice a turn
Track Name: In My Heart
I'll just be by myself
A little bit of distraction
I can't help but
Feel you in my heart

There's the greatest wealth
Of memories and affection
I can't help but
Feel you in my self

I will still be me
Don't worry about the anger
It's just because
You can feel me on your sleeve

Don't be afraid of time
We think it's going to harm us
Eventually it'll heal us
In our minds

In my mind, in my mind, I can't help it
With my heart, with my heart, I can't help you
Track Name: Lullaby (feat. Jean-Michel Blais)
It's doesn't make a difference
If you shot me with your bad words
All of that, I've forgotten
By the end of the day

I'll be kissing the ground to know you're okay

I won't busy myself
If you're busy undermining
All the things I had to say

I know it would have been wrong for me to try to stay
And I will love you when the snow goes away

So if you give me your bad words
I'll take them quietly
They show me your pain
Not a reflection of me

Come out wherever you are my friend
It's safe
You can come out now wherever you are
And I will keep away
Track Name: The Rose
Well I know I was the rose
But now I feel like I'm the thorn
And I can't get enough distance
Just to see that I am worn

And If it's evidence enough
Or if it's all been overblown
I'm gonna need some distance,
on my own
I'm gonna need some distance ,
time alone

It's a shame, it's a shame
My foundation isn't solid
Always cracking underneath me

It's so hard, so unnatural
To be two people at once
Does it ever run smoothly
Does it ever end truly
Track Name: The Desert
I went into the desert and I missed him
Don't know if it was the mountains asking questions

I went into the desert and I held him
Through a muddy creek, he was sand pooling in my hands

And every night the desert sang a love song
And inside my languid body was a fight
And every night I hoped that he would come home
But by daylight I knew it wasn't right

The wash is drying up underneath the red sunset
And I'm a lizard slinking through the valley of regret
Oh I'm the wild coyote yelping at the midnight sky
A lover, forgotten how to love
The sparrow, how to fly

Hollow, hollow, when the moon is rising, rising

Lost my footing in the desert canyon
I lost him, and I lost my home
Saw him vanish into the horizon
And there I was, left to be alone
Track Name: Playing House
In a town by all the birch trees
Where my love said there'd be fallen leaves
It's a distance we can travel
It involves no parting of the seas
It's a cabin on a lakeside and it's empty

Take the road along the lakeside
Hang a left before the great divide
Hope we get there after nightfall
So we'll have nowhere to wait and hide
Till tomorrow, till tomorrow, It'll look just the same

In the cabin with the birch trees
We'll uncover all our fantasies
It's a distance we can travel
To forget the thickening unease
Let us leave here, let us go there where it's waiting

We will find the path to go there
When we get close, breathe the open air
I'll play mom and you play daddy
And we'll ruin us beyond repair
At the cabin on the lakeside, if we take things too far

Hold on
For a little longer
Track Name: New Bed
Clean sheets and a shutter I can't close
Where are the lights, excitement is enveloping
Newness is a journey in a new bed
Goodbye old friends and hello strangers

There it is still raining
There it is still raining
Here it's dry

I feel that we will get along just fine
If everything goes the way I have in mind
I feel that we will get along this time
This situation will work out just fine

Shadows that I don't even recognize
Can't guide myself without turning the lights on
Corners I happen to run into
But a steady beating in my heart
It keeps me ready

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